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Image by Scott Webb


Creating Your Bespoke Brows/Lips

Initial Discussion 

Prior to any permanent makeup treatment, a more in-depth consultation is always carried out on the day so I can find out what shape and look you hope to achieve. For brows I put your vision into designing a flattering set that you will love - taking into account your current hair growth pattern, skin tone, hair/brow colour and face shape.  For lips we will look at the shape, border definition and undertones. 


Creating the Shape

All of the brows I create for my clients are bespoke to the individual. I work by ‘brow mapping’ - measuring and drawing on brow shape with a mapping pencil to create a style that we are both happy with, and we then choose the correct pigment shade. Only once my client and I are both fully satisfied, will we begin. The lip process is very similar as we measure and ‘map’ out the lip shape and choose the colour before beginning.

Your Follow-Up Perfecting Appointment 

When is it Booked?

This is included in the cost of your treatment and necessary to check retention and healing. It is the time to adjust or tweak shape and colour where necessary. This appointment is booked a minimum of 6-8 weeks later (but no more than 10) to ensure the skin has healed and the true colour is visible. The follow-up appointment will take approximately 1 ½ hours to complete (or less if minimum work is required).


What Will it Look Like Immediately After? 


All brows will appear bolder once treated and will continue to get darker in the first few days.

Mild flaking and light scabbing can occur (approximately 7 - 10 days following treatment). You will notice that they appear a lot lighter following this stage. Brows can fade a minimum of 30-40% and this is normal and expected. Do not panic, it is all part of the healing process! Lips go through a similar process of more intense colour and light scabbing then heal lighter. 

Colour Boosts

The majority of brow clients will need an annual colour boost every 12 months to refresh the colour. Lip clients will probably require a longer period of time.  The colour boost is one session and available up to 18 months after your perfecting appointment. Please note for brows, once this time has been exceeded you will need to book an initial treatment as the area will have faded over time.



General - good to knows 


After your follow-up (or retouch) appointment you must follow the same 2 week procedure for keeping brows or lips in great condition for healing. Although you can go about life as normal afterwards (with the exception of strenuous exercise and sun exposure!) it is best to schedule your appointments away from major events so you don’t have to worry about aftercare. If you do have a big event coming up please speak to me so we can time your appointments accordingly and make it work for you. 


Your Treatment

Appointment Time 

For all permanent makeup treatments please allow 3 hours. It may be less, but this ensures the treatment isn’t rushed and we are not under pressure. Please remember that you will be laying down for the majority of the treatment but stretching and toilet breaks are allowed! Please remember to bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated. 


Maintenance of Brow Hair

Your brow hair will not be shaved off to perform PMU. It is only a minimum amount of hair outside the agreed shape that will be removed to achieve the best result. Brows are designed with your hair growth in mind so that there won’t be lots of maintenance and upkeep. Brow waxing appointments (if required) can still be carried out as normal, once your brows are healed.


Aftercare & Follow-up Appointment 

After your treatment you will receive an after-care pack and instructions on how to care for your brows or lips over the forthcoming weeks. I will also go through the aftercare with you thoroughly which is important to ensure best results. We will also book in your follow-up appointment (perfecting) in 6-8 weeks time. The full remaining balance of the treatment is due on the day of your first procedure. (your booking fee is redeemable against the treatment price).


General Information 

For brows, you must ensure that you gently cleanse and then keep the area dry and free from products for approximately 2 weeks. You mustn’t pick or rub them and apply the balm as directed. It is advisable to wash your hair prior to your appointment so that you don’t have to wash again for as long as you can (to avoid soaking brows in shampoo and water). Your aftercare kit will include ‘shower-shields’ (a great little essential) for protecting the brows afterwards. 

Equally lips will require some tlc afterwards like avoiding spicy foods, heat, cold or kissing! 


It is important to follow aftercare procedures vary carefully to get the absolute best healed results and in preparation for your top-up appointment where we perfect the colour and shape.

How can I Preserve the Life of my PMU?


Certain lifestyle factors will affect your pigment retention – for example sun exposure, your health, medication and skincare products/treatments. If you have had Covid please make me aware, as this can also affect retention. If you are having a Covid vaccination booster please schedule your appointments for 4 weeks after this.    


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