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Terms and Conditions for Permanent Makeup

Reservation Fee

  • Consultations are free of charge. However non-attendance for a booked consultation or without 24 hours notice of cancellation will result in a £10 charge.


  • A 20% booking fee is required at the time of booking to secure your permanent makeup appointment. This is to ensure that your 3-hour appointment slot is secured for you.


  • Your reservation fee will be deducted from the procedure price with the balance payable on the day of your first appointment - payable by bank transfer or cash only.

General ​Client Policy 

  • Anna reserves the right to refuse service.


  • No other persons (other than Anna and the client) are allowed in the room where procedure takes place. Children are strictly not allowed for health & safety reasons.


  • If you are having your first permanent makeup treatment, then a second ‘perfecting’ appointment is necessary. This is included in the price paid by you.


  • It is recommended that you have your second ’perfecting’ appointment within 6-8 weeks (and no longer than 10 weeks) of the first. If you do not attend your perfecting appointment within 10 weeks of your first, then unfortunately you risk your treatment’s precision and longevity and it cannot go ahead.  A new appointment will be required and charged accordingly. 


  • Any further work outside of what you have paid for constitute a new/different procedure and charged accordingly.


  • Following completion of the above, a brow ‘colour boost’ appointment is recommended every 1- 1 ½ years (for brows) and requires only one session.

No Show and Cancellation Policy

  • Any client that does not show for a scheduled appointment will forfeit their booking fee and will be required to pay for any future appointments. There are no exceptions.


  • We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that could force you to postpone/reschedule your procedure. Please understand that such changes affect your technician and other clients and it is not usually possible to fill this appointment at short notice with another client.

  • If you choose to re-schedule your appointment a minimum 48-hour advance notice is mandatory, or the booking fee becomes non-refundable.


  • If you do not reschedule a minimum 48 hours in advance, you will lose your booking fee and any other future appointment will require another 20% booking fee to secure your next appointment.

Prior Permanent Makeup

  • If you’ve had prior permanent makeup performed by another technician and want to book in with Nightingale Beauty, please advise in advance with photos. A consultation (face to face) will be required. Anna can then advise as to whether a treatment will be possible and you will be given a price dependent on the extent of the work required. Consultations are free. Anna reserves the right not to go ahead.


Other Policy Procedures

  • If at any time you go to another technician for permanent makeup, Anna can no longer perform any future ‘touch ups or top ups on another technician’s work as it will be considered a ‘new’ procedure. Please get in contact for a face-to-face consultation.


If you do not strictly adhere to the correct aftercare that Anna explains is required following treatment, any additional work required will be paid for by you, which will be on top of your original procedure cost.



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